What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

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We all know how valuable a winning smile is. It takes you places in this life that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to. It helps you feel confident in professional and social situations, and we all know that people who smile more seem more attractive.
But what if you’re not happy with your smile? Is there a way to fix your smile imperfections so that you can become one of the people who can’t stop flashing their pearly whites? Well, that’s exactly why cosmetic dentistry was developed as a distinct discipline in dental practices across the world.
What is it?
Cosmetic dentistry is a variety of procedures that Dr. Chad Ellis can perform to help improve the appearance of your teeth. From simple polishing to adding veneers or crowns, there are a ton of different options to help you have the smile you deserve.
How does it work?
If you’re ready to change your smile, you’ll need to first come in to The Smile Studio for a consultation. This will help our dentist determine what procedures will best impact your smile. For example, those with surface stains on their teeth may be able to get away with just a whitening and polish procedure. Others, however, may need veneers to cover up the stains.
Does it really help?
Cosmetic dentistry, once again, is just the name for a variety of dental procedures that are designed to improve the look and function of your teeth. Since all of the procedures restore your teeth to their natural luster and glory, you can almost always see an almost immediate impact on your appearance.
To learn more about how you can improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Orem, Utah, call us today at 801-225-5594.

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