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Dominican Republic


Excellent oral health is a right that should belong to all members of the human race. Unfortunately, many communities do not have access to proper dental care, hygiene products, or drinking safe water. Without these essentials, individuals suffer from tooth decay, tooth loss, periodontal disease, and many more devastating health issues. This is where The Smile Studio - Dr. Chad Ellis comes in. Dr. Ellis and team have the privilege to share our knowledge and talents in countries where proper dental care is scarce.

Dr. Chad Ellis began making humanitarian trips following his mission in Micronesia for the LDS church. Since then, he and our team have visited several countries, including Peru, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Africa, and the Chuuk islands. We have the opportunity to meet amazing, selfless people and help those in need improve their oral health, enhance their smiles, find relief from dental and facial pain, and in many cases help them be employable so they can support their families. Our experiences have been life-changing, and have opened our eyes to how blessed we are to enjoy high-quality, affordable dental care in Orem and Provo and Provo, Utah, and nationwide.

In combitnation with our to humanitarian trips, we support the Smiles for Life campaign, which raises funds for ill and underprivileged kids around the world, even in your hometown. Each year, from the beginning of March to the end of June, The Smile Studio - Dr. Chad Ellis donates 100% of the proceeds from our teeth whitening services to Smiles for Life. This year, we have raised $4500, we have donated $300k over all. To lend your assistance to this great program, we invite you to schedule a tooth whitening appointment between March and June. Together we can change the world, one smile at a time.