What Can Dentures Offer You?

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Your natural teeth are very strong and durable, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be affected by conditions that cause significant dental injury and even tooth loss. If your smile’s appearance and function has been affected by missing teeth, we invite you to consider receiving dentures. Our dentist at The Smile Studio will gladly help you determine if this course of action is right for you and can provide customized dentures according to your dental needs. If you are wondering what can dentures offer your smile, we provide six responses below:

– Dentures restore durability to your smile and are very strong themselves. With proper care, they can stay in good shape for many years.

– Dentures have been around for decades and are very reliable. They have even been known to withstand extreme conditions.

– Dentures help your smile look younger if you have sagging jaws. Tooth loss ages your appearance, but denture deliver more support to the jaws that helps them appear younger.

– Dentures are customized to your tooth replacement needs. You can choose from full and partial dentures to replace or several of your original teeth.

– Dentures enhance quality of life. If you struggle with speaking and eating due to tooth loss, you can find that a denture appliance gives you back these abilities.

– Dentures are very comfortable. The dentures available today are much more comfortable than older models.

Dr. Chad Ellis and our team would be happy to tell you more about dentures in Orem, Utah. Contact our office at 801-225-5594 today to schedule an appointment!

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