Tooth Discoloration and Your Oral Health

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You may have heard that there are a number of things you could do to deal with yellowed teeth, such as inadequate oral care or eating and drinking certain foods. You might also know that there are a number of things you could consider, including teeth whitening. Still, do you what would you could do about a tooth that’s turned black?
Unfortunately, your teeth may turn black if the center of your tooth bleeds. Your pulp, which is in the center of your tooth, could be stained by blood. Sadly, if you don’t address this bleeding, your tooth could slowly become darker. In fact, your teeth could even darken for a few months. If your teeth have darkened, you might need root canal therapy to reverse the issue.
You may often experience this problem because your tooth suffers trauma. This trauma could be the result of a fall or a sporting accident. While a child’s tooth might also darken after a fall, the color of their pearly whites should revert to their ideal color after a few days. Furthermore, intrinsic staining might also be caused by certain antibiotics and even by too much exposure to fluoride.
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