The Tale of the Veneer

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Feel self-conscious when you smile? You don’t have to any longer. A veneer can restore your smile to pristine condition.
What is it? A veneer is a thin sheet of porcelain that is custom-fit over a tooth with strong roots.
What are the benefits? Well, a veneer’s primary function is to hide chips, cracks or discoloration. Side benefits include durability (veneers can last up to ten years), very little natural tooth loss, and protection from bacteria and acid from your foods.
What is the process? Here’s a hypothetical story about a dental patient named Bob:
Bob has a chipped tooth. He decides he wants to get a dental veneer, but first, he wants his teeth bleached at The Smile Studio. Why does he do that? Dr. Chad Ellis told him that his veneer will be color-matched to the rest of his teeth, and unlike natural teeth, porcelain veneers can’t be bleached with peroxide. So if Bob wants his whitened smile to look even and natural, it’s either now or ten years from now when his veneer wears out.
After his teeth are whitened, he is ready to begin the process of getting a veneer. During his first visit, Dr. Chad Ellis removes a tiny amount of the original tooth. He then forms a mold of Bob’s mouth, focusing especially on the damaged tooth. He fits Bob with a temporary veneer. After Bob leaves for the day, the Smile Studio takes it to a dental technician who creates a special permanent veneer. On Bob’s second visit, Dr. Chad Ellis adheres the veneer to Bob’s tooth with a durable dental superglue.
To learn more about our fantastic porcelain veneers, call The Smile Studio in Orem, Utah today at 801-225-5594.

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