The Numerous Types of Dental Floss for Your Smile

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Your dental floss is an essential tool in your collection of dental tools for fighting gum disease and other dental issues. In fact, dental floss is the most successful way to clean between your teeth as well as along your gum line and between the teeth, where your toothbrush cannot reach. That is why using dental floss on a daily basis is essential to your oral health care.
Our dentist is always happy to help you with your oral health care, and we encourages you to floss regularly. That is why our team at The Smile Studio is willing to provide you with information on the numerous types of dental floss that you can use for your smile.
Here are the numerous types of dental floss you can pick from at the store:
-Waxed floss: Waxed floss is a slippery type of floss that is coated with a substance to make it easier for an individual who has overcrowded or crooked teeth to clean between them.
-Unwaxed dental floss: To efficiently clean between straight teeth, unwaxed dental floss can provide you the interdental care you need.
-Floss picks: Floss picks, also known as professional flossers, consist of dental floss thread and a handle to provide for easy cleaning. However, they can be more difficult to angle due to the presence of the handle.
-Water flossers: Through the use of interdental cleaning tools such as water flossers, you can easily clean out your mouth with jets of water that you spray directly between your teeth.
As you can see, there are many dental floss options you can choose from. Your unique smile and needs will help determine which floss you choose to use for your smile. If you have questions about your oral health in Orem, Utah, or if you would like to visit with Dr. Chad Ellis, please call us today at 801-225-5594 to make an appointment. We are happy to welcome you.

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