Sensitive Teeth Tips for Your Everyday Routine

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It is hard to enjoy your morning coffee, or late-night ice cream treats if you have sensitive teeth. That is why, our dentist, Dr. Chad Ellis with The Smile Studio in Orem, Utah, is happy to review with you tips for keeping your everyday routine with sensitive teeth.
Surprisingly, one of the principal causes of sensitive teeth comes from brushing your teeth too hard. Your tooth enamel is strong and protects the nerves in your teeth. Brushing too hard wears the enamel down and can expose nerves that can cause pain. That is why you can try relaxing the force of your toothbrush and use one with soft bristles.
Another way to combat sensitive teeth is to switch to a desensitizing toothpaste. This can help treat your nerves causing the pain after several weeks. For more immediate treatments, there are procedures you can do such as dental crowns or dental bonding treatments to help reduce the sensitivity of your teeth. That is why keeping a healthy diet of foods, brushing and flossing, and remembering your dental checkups are always the best way to help your oral health, with any problem you have.
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