Have You Suffered One of These Dental Emergencies?

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You can do a lot to protect your smile, including learning how to prevent dental emergencies and how to treat damage to your smile. If you have suffered one of the following common dental emergencies, we encourage you to act now to stop further damage:

– Bitten oral tissue: It’s easy to accidentally bite your tongue, gums or lips, and luckily these injuries often don’t cause any blood flow. If the wound is severe enough to cause bleeding, use gauze to cover the injured area and stop the blood. You may also need to visit the doctor for stitches and other medical care.

– Object wedged in the teeth: Never use a sharp tool to dislodge food or another object wedged between your teeth, or else you could badly damage the teeth and gums. Grab a piece of dental floss or your water flosser to gently and cautiously remove the object. Contact the dentist if you can’t get it out.

– Knocked-out tooth: A bad fall or blow to the face could knock out a tooth. If this happens, store the tooth a cold solution such as Save-A-Tooth or in a glass of milk. It may be possible for our dentist replace the tooth in its socket so that you don’t need a tooth replacement. If you don’t have a handy solution for the tooth, hold it between your cheek and gums and then seek emergency dental care right away.
For more information about how to treat a dental emergency in Orem, Utah, schedule a time to see Dr. Chad Ellis at The Smile Studio. You are welcome to contact our dental team at 801-225-5594 today for an appointment.

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