Can Dental Veneers Give You the Smile You Have Been Waiting For?

Dental veneers are designed to vastly improve your smile and potentially give you an entire smile makeover if need be. Veneers are applied to the fronts of teeth and are held in place by bonding them directly to teeth. Some of the benefits include: – Dental veneers are highly advanced forms of cosmetic dentistry treatments… Read more »

How Mouthwash Helps Your Teeth

Did you know mouthwash can help your teeth? Well, it’s true! Mouthwash is an aid to fight off cavities, which is why our team here at in , , is happy to talk to you about mouthwash and how they can help protect your teeth. Mouthwash is an important tool when it comes to fighting… Read more »

Are You Keeping up with Your Teenage Oral Health Care This Summer?

Are you keeping up with your teenage oral health care this summer? If the stress and anxiety of living through your teenage years weren’t enough, there is the added pressure of increased oral health risks you need to be cautious about. The first step to traversing the teenage years successfully begins with making the right… Read more »

Invisalign® Can Benefit Your Oral Health and Appearance

When it comes to aligning your smile, Invisalign® benefits more than your smile’s appearance with a straight smile. In fact, the American Dental Association (ADA) has found that an aligned smile actually improves your overall health. And this is in addition to fixing oral issues brought on by a misaligned bite such as chewing difficulties, problems… Read more »

Can Teeth Be Properly Restored with Dentures?

Can teeth be properly restored with dentures? Dentures are a removable tooth replacement alternative that can fill any gap you have, large or small, for a functional smile that is easy to care for. If you are only missing a few teeth, partial dentures can be fashioned to suit your needs, but if you are… Read more »

The Tale of the Veneer

Feel self-conscious when you smile? You don’t have to any longer. A veneer can restore your smile to pristine condition. What is it? A veneer is a thin sheet of porcelain that is custom-fit over a tooth with strong roots. What are the benefits? Well, a veneer’s primary function is to hide chips, cracks or… Read more »

Tooth Discoloration and Your Oral Health

You may have heard that there are a number of things you could do to deal with yellowed teeth, such as inadequate oral care or eating and drinking certain foods. You might also know that there are a number of things you could consider, including teeth whitening. Still, do you what would you could do… Read more »

Dental Health & Overall Health

You are likely among the many who do not realize the ways that issues in the mouth can affect other parts of the body. An abscessed tooth, an infection which usually results from severe tooth decay, occurs at the root of a tooth. The main symptom of an abscessed tooth is a very bad toothache…. Read more »

American Dental Association: Questions and Answers

Perhaps you’ve seen the “ADA accepted” logo on your toothpaste container and you want to know what that’s about. Or maybe you just want to know about dentist regulations. Here are a few FAQs about The American Dental Association (ADA).   What is the American Dental Association (ADA)? The ADA is run by an elected… Read more »

The Brushing and Flossing Techniques to Use to Clean Your Smile

Did you know there are ways you can harm your teeth and gums while you brush and floss? Well, it’s true, which is why it’s important to properly clean your smile each and every day. To help you do so, our dental team has happily provided the following instructions on how to properly brush and… Read more »