A Temporary Crown Will Not Restore the Tooth’s Ability to Chew

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Dental crown restorations are often used by Dr. Chad Ellis and the dental care specialists at The Smile Studio to treat a tooth that has lost a significant amount of tooth enamel to a cavity or dental fracture. This will fully replace the tooth’s enamel layer with an alternate dental material that rivals the strength of the original tooth enamel.
This is a two part dental restoration that starts with Dr. Chad Ellis removing all traces of the existing tooth enamel.  Then he will take an impression of the area and cover the abutment with a temporary crown. This is a small plastic cap that is meant to keep the underlying structures safe. It cannot replace the original tooth’s ability to bite, chew or grind.
If your temporary crown is chipped, cracked, loosened, or otherwise compromised, the abutment within could be at serious risk. If it is harmed, Dr. Chad Ellis might need to perform a root canal to restore sufficient structure to anchor your final piece of dental work.
While you’re waiting for your dental work to be completed, it’s best to avoid chewing gum and eating sticky foods on that side of your mouth. You should also avoid biting off, or grinding on hard foods in that area of your mouth. This could potentially crack the temporary crown and damage the abutment.
It’s also worth noting that the temporary crown needs to be brushed and flossed just like a regular tooth.  Healthy gums will help your new dental work to fit comfortably in place. You might want to try using waxed dental floss as it will slide easily into place to clean between the temporary crown, and the surrounding teeth, as well as the gumline.
If you are in the Orem, Utah, area and you are having a problem with a temporary crown, you should call 801-225-5594 to seek treatment at The Smile Studio.

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