A Dental Crown Can Often Address a Misshapen Tooth

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Genetics and certain medical conditions can sometimes cause misshapen enamel in an emerging permanent tooth. Not only can this have a negative cosmetic impact on the appearance of your smile, it can also lead to problems with your bite pattern.
When the biting surfaces of two teeth meet improperly it can lead to an increased risk of suffering chips and dental fractures. Once these teeth have been compromised they could be at increased risk of suffering from severe tooth decay.
If you or your child has a misshapen tooth, it’s best to have it examined by a dentist like Dr. Chad Ellis. After an essential examination, he might recommend replacing the natural tooth enamel with a dental crown.
It is a two-stage restoration process that will fully replicate the tooth enamel in a more appropriate shape. If the dental crown will appear when you smile, he will likely recommend a special type of porcelain material which can mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel.
A member of our staff will call you to set up a second appointment when your dental crown is ready. It will then be cemented onto the abutment with a special type of dental adhesive. This will improve the tooth’s basic appearance and essential function in your mouth.
If you live in Orem, Utah, and you have a misshapen or otherwise compromised tooth you should call 801-225-5594 to schedule an appointment at The Smile Studio.

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