The Fundamentals of Dental Floss

If you want a flawless smile, brushing your teeth will not be enough. Unfortunately, brushes cannot reach areas between teeth, which will require an additional tool for the take. One amazing form of interdental cleaner is threaded dental floss. For a list of guidelines concerning dental floss, consider this: -To prevent contamination between teeth will not take place, use a floss... read more »

Can Dental Veneers Give You the Smile You Have Been Waiting For?

Dental veneers are designed to vastly improve your smile and potentially give you an entire smile makeover if need be. Veneers are applied to the fronts of teeth and are held in place by bonding them directly to teeth. Some of the benefits include: - Dental veneers are highly advanced forms of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can be sculpted and... read more »

Are You Keeping up with Your Teenage Oral Health Care This Summer?

Are you keeping up with your teenage oral health care this summer? If the stress and anxiety of living through your teenage years weren't enough, there is the added pressure of increased oral health risks you need to be cautious about. The first step to traversing the teenage years successfully begins with making the right oral health care decisions, which... read more »

Can Teeth Be Properly Restored with Dentures?

Can teeth be properly restored with dentures? Dentures are a removable tooth replacement alternative that can fill any gap you have, large or small, for a functional smile that is easy to care for. If you are only missing a few teeth, partial dentures can be fashioned to suit your needs, but if you are looking for an entire set... read more »

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